Open Buffet

(Original Music)

Open Buffet started in 1999 in Santa Maria, CA.  Their original members were brothers Alex and Michael Agajanian and Manny Talaugon. They gained popularity and success in the local touring scene and then turned their attention to composing for films with Utilitarian Productions.  Since coming to Los Angeles, the band has gained member Mike Regalado and joined forces with Party Social Productions.  They have composed theme songs for radio programs such as “The Panama Show” on Reno radio “The Buzz 1270” as well as IGN’s podcast “Channel Surfing.”  Their songs will also be featured in indie feature Javatown, coming in 2011.

Party Social (Additional Music)

Party Social was founded in 2008 by husband and wife producing team Mike Regalado and Molly Ware. With the mission to improve the Los Angeles music scene, they work with local based bands through stages of writing, recording and live performance. With the help of our producers, Michael and Alex Agajanian, Party Social has had the pleasure to work on "We Are With The Band" providing soundtrack and mastering the score.

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