Marie Claire (Thailand),  We Are with the Band - The Thai edition of Marie Claire ran a full-page article on "We Are with the Band"!
DigitalChickTV, What You Should've Watched Online in 2010
    "One of the first female comedy team shows to emerge in a narrative web series, de Barros and Kerr not only showcased their charm as comediennes but also put together a fun show with two hilariously flawed twenty-something characters...."
Clicker, Tight Races in the Best of Clicker 2010 Awards
Clicker, 'We Are with the Band' nominated for Best Web Comedy of 2010!
MaxFlowerTV, Interview with Vivian Kerr & Heleya de Barros at the 2010 Independent Television Festival
DigitalChickTV, In Her Words (Women in Comedy): Heleya de Barros and Vivian Kerr
    Guest columnists Heleya de Barros and Vivian Kerr discuss the making of "We Are with the Band.", 'We Are with the Band' Webseries Review 
    "...strong acting, writing and production values...There is a genuine chemistry between the two leads, played with a lovable charm...quality dialogue
 ...filled with a plethora of catchy one-liners..."
DigitalChickTV'We Are with the Band' Review
   "It’s fun, it’s brash, it’s sexy, it’s about making positive changes in your life when you can’t see straight."
Ifelicious Thoughts, ITVFest 2010: Interview with “We Are With The Band” web series creators Vivian Kerr and Heleya de Barros
    "As a pop culture, reality junkie, and MTV/VH1-head, I can’t wait to check out the entire season!"
Televisual, ‘We Are With The Band’: Lampooning Hipsters and Coming of Age As Women
    "This comedic-existential crisis has a feminist bent to differentiates itself from other webseries through its attention to comedic detail from it's great costume its whimsical flourishes"
Itinerant Lit, Band Bunnies and Girl Talk
    "brilliant and's got a great visual style and is a blast to watch"
Pop Culture Monster, We Are With The Band – Interview with Vivian Kerr and Heleya de Barros
    "this is one web series you cannot afford to miss"
Pop Culture Monster, 5 Webseries I Want More Of
    "...intelligent and hilarious, and already garnering a lot of attention after only five outlandish and surreal as AbFab... it’s young, it’s fresh and it’s funny..."
New TeeVee, 'We Are With the Band' Tackles More than Hipsterdom
    " of the fresher and better-written comedies I’ve seen recently...mining hungover mornings and near escapes from rape and murder for maximum funny...the relationship between Elle and Marci  gains in depth and complexity..."
CliqueClack, Webisode Clack – 'We Are With The Band'
"...a clever bit of writing... the slapstick stuff is really funny, and de Barros and Kerr both play it very well ...the fact that they are both so charming makes you want to root for them."
Indie Intertube, Heleya de Barros and Vivian Kerr were interviewed on Indie Intertube this week! The episode is Featured on BlogTalkRadio's homepage! Listen to the podcast below (interview starts after 36 minutes).
LAist, TV Junkie: TCM Classic Film Fest; New Web Series
"There's something exciting in finding the moments where everything seems to come together."
Tubefilter, Quick Clicks: ‘Unboxing Porn’, ITVFest, ‘We Are With The Band’, ‘Big Bother’
"Reminiscent of the indie version of WB’s Echo Park rock drama Rockville, CA...web series worth clicking on!"
Tubefilter, ‘We Are With the Band’: Hipster Comedy Funded Through Kickstarter
Press Releases

Fun Little Movies, "We Are with the Band" is now available on your mobile phone through Fun Little Movies! Watch now on the Sprint TV Network,  and look for WAWTB coming soon on all FLM partners such as the FLM Blackberry App, Verizon V-Cast, and MSN Mobile
BlipTV, "We Are with the Band" is now releasing episodes and special bonus interviews on BlipTV! New episodes and commentaries every Tuesday and Thursday
Download our official press release here!
StrikeTV, "We Are With the Band" has signed a distribution agreement with Strike.TV! Episode 1 - 'Hungover' is available now with new episodes will be added each Monday! Download the press release here!

ITVFest - Summer 2010 - WAWTB has been chosen as an OFFICIAL SELECTION for the Independent Television Festival, and was mentioned in two articles today as "one to watch."
    - Tubefilter, Web Series Outnumber Pilots in ITVFest Selections
    - NewTeeVee, ITVFest Announces Selections
4/28/10 -  "We Are With the Band" is also one of the featured headliners today on
4/20/10 - "We Are With the Band" is the Featured Web Series this week on Slebisodes the web guide to web series!
4/12/10 - "We Are With the Band" and DK Comedy Productions have signed a distribution deal with! Download the press release here!